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VOLUNTEER MOVE: Poetic Academy

Poetic Academy presents…

Where were you Saturday April 15, 2017? I mean, really? See, if you did not see what I had seen, I find it hard to believe you’re part of the scene. You may not quite be in place to impart, in whole or in part, your affinity for the arts, because while professionals presented prose, and crowds arose to standing ovations, where and what were you creating? Read on, as I digress from these lyrical Olympic games, and present a picture for your frame, of reference.  Frame of mind. A mathematician of kinds. Of sorts, or of course. We have mastered the addition of wordplay to multiply the impact of the words said, dividing audiences between who was best, who’s up next, who just went. If you’re studious, you can join the likes of us, more than liking us, write like us – matter of fact, write like you. But as a student, you need a teacher. Then, pick up your pen and let’s start the course. Now you’re on course, to succeed. Your first session is my course, the official text follows below, my discourse:

Conceived and actualized in 2015, Poetic Academy is founder Robert Lee Bolden’s outstanding, and successful, initiative to elevate the art form. At a time in which the Arts are considered dismissible from schools, Bolden brings art to the community. Directly engaging with artists and fans of the form, Bolden knows that people over posters, conversation over cards, and friends over flyers is what fills seats at the venues through which Poetic Academy engages its audience. In his own words, this effort is to “not only make an impact on this current generation, but also to engage and impact the previous and succeeding generations as well.”

CrushHouse Arts Entertainment, appropriately named for such an event as this, was the venue. A hidden gem off I-20 & Gresham Rd. in Atlanta, CrushHouse is no newcomer to convening a collective of creatives. Chief Executive Officer DiCharisse Tyson states, “CrushHouse is a hub for progressive independent artists. We strive to continue to be a vehicle that helps artists expand their brand and generate revenue doing what they love.” 

After several roundabout trips of surveying the parking availability, one prime positon opened up in the front parking lot. At that moment, though the night sky was illuminated by stars and moonlight, I saw heaven open up brighter than day and communicate to me I was meant to be there. Upon entry, a generous amount of hype was generated by DJ Shadow to set the tone and energy for the evening. Spinning tracks from the likes of past and present lyrical geniuses; Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Big Sean and more – the stage was set. Had the aforementioned artists not already have established careers, you would’ve bet your life Poetic Academy’s ensemble was out to get them.
In my time there, artists Nyce, Leander, JordanL, and Kelvin Rowe took the stage. It was my impression that the night was over after the first act, but subsequently, each performer was a tough act to follow. Themes of everlasting love, new flings, racial oppression, positive self-image and a greater potpourri of poetic prose filled the room. As a mere spectator, I found myself believing everyone in the audience was telling themselves, “I can do this.” Words filled the room and it seemed as if they pulled up a seat beside us – engaging us in conversation to the depths of their meaning.

I’m not one for last minute plans, but if someone invites you to a Poetic Academy event on short notice, they mean well. Cancel plans, clear schedules, call sitters, call sick, do what you must (legally) to make it out.

To learn more about Poetic Academy, visit their personal Facebook page:


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